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All website designs do not include hosting fees, domain fees, software integration fees, nor any other fees associated with the maintenance and day to day operations of your website. To review a listing of current SquareSpace hosting costs, we encourage you to visit their website. We can help you with obtaining your domain, setting up third-party integrations, and more as needed by providing general guidance. Atlanta Custom Consulting, LLC does not guarantee any results from the use of our services, including, but not limited to, the purchase of a website development package nor logo design package from us. We are not liable for any damages that arise from the use of our services. Although we do our best to meet your deadline for completion, we do not guarantee a specific completion date. Refunds are honored at the sole discretion of Atlanta Custom Consulting, LLC and Atlanta Custom Consulting, LLC retains the right to use any design work in their marketing materials, but will not use your original work for another client.

By purchasing this service, you agree with the terms outlined in this disclaimer.